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We Empower Purposed-Focused Investing

Wealth Design Group empowers people to invest in their life’s purpose with clarity and confidence by providing highly personalized coaching, sharing valuable investment knowledge, and using time-tested Nobel Prize winning investing principles.

Investing with WDG means you are investing for a reason that is important to you, your family, and even the greater community at large. We enable clients to discover what investing really is, how it works, and how it can fulfill on their life’s purpose. Through our personalized, one-to-one coaching we help each client define their true purpose for the wealth they have accumulated. Then, we create custom strategies based on each client’s individual needs, goals, values and objectives, so they can invest in what they care about most.

Our Knowledge is Your Knowledge

With Wealth Design Group, you benefit from monthly coaching and seminars online and in-person that highlight a number of financial topics. We share our vast financial knowledge with our customers and educate them on potential pitfalls, so they are well-informed and clear on what is the best solution for them.

Investing with Portfolio Science & Scientific Thinking

To help our clients grow, protect, and manage their wealth, we employ time-tested Nobel Prize winning investing principles that are scientific and not speculative. We’re about serving, not selling and provide a choice of investment companies, products, and services for our customers to choose from.  

Independent and Objective

As an independent firm, we have access to a wide range of solutions and services and are not influenced by third party providers of products and services. As a result, we can make objective recommendations based on each client’s unique needs and individual situation. We pride ourselves on delivering impartial advice and unbiased guidance.

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