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Designing A Path To Pursue Financial Independence

Wealth Design Group was founded in 2004 by Rick Ray. Initially a client working with a financial advisor, Rick discovered a passion for finance. Upon the recommendation of his advisor, he changed careers and entered the financial services industry. After 15 years of working with a number of major financial institutions, he envisioned a firm that could offer clients quality and sound investment and financial advice without any restrictions or biases. With this in mind, he founded Wealth Design Group.

Wealth Design Group continues to serve clients with the goal of providing objective advice and unbiased guidance. With access to a wide range of investment solutions and insurance products, we can create custom strategies for clients based on their individual needs and objectives.

We believe that a critical issue people often make is trying to pursue their financial goals without a solid strategy and plan.You can’t build a house without a floor plan, and you need a design before you can create that plan. By holistically evaluating a client’s entire financial picture, including where they are and where they want to be, we strive to help individuals and families design a roadmap that may lead them to financial independence.

A Wide Range Of Services, Specialists, And Strategies

Wealth Design Group is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping individuals and businesses pursue long-term success. Our firm has access to world class companies and specialists that provide our clients with innovative strategies in a variety of areas. The real benefit to our clients is that, through these unique relationships, we can serve them by providing a choice of investment companies, products, and services.

Our team of financial professionals is firmly committed to providing our clients with the professional guidance they deserve. We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach to financial services. Our recommendations and strategies are custom-designed for our clients. What this means is that we help clients connect with what they care deeply about, and introduce them to a process that helps them take advantage of their greatest opportunities and confidently confront their biggest challenges.

Based in Houston, Texas, we work with clients in our local community, as well as across the country. Whether we’re working with clients in-person, on the phone, or via web-based software, we strive to always make ourselves available as a resource and support system.

A Comprehensive Approach Combined With An Organizational Platform

Achieving personal financial success continues to be an elusive target for many Americans. Consumers of all income and net worth levels often express feelings of confusion, frustration, skepticism, and sometimes even fear as they approach the subjects of wealth management and insurance. Additionally, many of them operate with a relatively high level of financial disorganization.

This is often because a person’s financial picture involves a host of insurance policies, legal documents, employee fringe benefits, savings vehicles, debt instruments, and securities products. In order to keep their affairs current and organized, they would have to sift through mountains of information.

At Wealth Design Group we utilize an innovative web-based platform to examine these issues, provide solutions to common financial symptoms, and create instant organization by offering a wide angle view of a person’s entire financial picture. This platform is referred to as eMoney. It’s an organizational tool forged from the philosophy that people cannot really be financially secure or successful without considering important economic factors as they make their various financial decisions.

Along with using this platform, we follow a holistic process that addresses a client’s entire financial picture, their needs for today, and their goals for tomorrow. Once we understand their needs, as well as their financial situation, we make our recommendations and implement a strategy. Once a strategy is implemented, we provide ongoing monitoring and rebalancing as needed, as well as offer education and support.

By combining a comprehensive process with eMoney, we believe we can capture a client’s present and future needs, and help them stay financially organized.

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