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<strong>The American Dream Experience Workshop</strong>

The American Dream Experience Workshop

The American Dream Experience is a thoughtfully designed reinvention of the investing process and a challenge to many industry assumptions. A breakthrough in financial education, it is designed to be pitch free, so you walk out with the tools to cultivate your financial future. 

<strong>A Profound Exploration of Your Family&#8217;s Financial Future.</strong>

A Profound Exploration of Your Family’s Financial Future.

The American Dream Experience is conducted in a large group format and invites investors to participate in a powerful encounter with potentially life-altering truths about both the empirical and behavioral dimensions of wealth creation. Unlike many other financial trainings on the market, it is your opportunity to discover what investing really is, how it works, and how it can help fulfill on your purpose for your life. Over two days, you will learn how to redefine your relationship to money and investing in a way that enables you and those you care about to pursue your dreams and your purpose

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