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Our Advantage

At Wealth Design Group, we work hard to offer our clients impeccable service and a number of benefits, including:


As an independent firm, we aren’t tied to one product and have access to a wide range of solutions and services. As a result, we can make objective recommendations based on each client’s unique needs and individual situation.

A Diverse Team

Our firm is comprised of dozens of financial advisors and professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. As a result, clients receive the benefit of multiple opinions and outlooks.

Ongoing Education

It’s critical for clients not to let emotions drive their financial or investment decisions. We believe that the more knowledge a client has, the less likely they’ll be to make mistakes or emotional decisions. We offer monthly coaching and seminars online and in-person that highlight a number of financial topics, from risk management to budgeting to retirement income planning.

Close Relationships

We strive to build long lasting relationships with clients based on trust. The product and bank account aren’t the assets; it’s the people. We treat our clients like family and always respond to their questions and requests in a timely manner.