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Our Clients


At Wealth Design Group, we serve individuals, families, executives, and business owners throughout the many financial stages of life. Many of our clients are doctors, attorneys, executives, business owners, and families. As they build their careers and grow their families, they are concerned with managing and preserving their wealth. They’ve witnessed the volatility of the markets and don’t want to take significant risk. Furthermore, many find themselves so busy with their day-to-day lives that they don’t have time to plan for the future.

Our goal is to help clients create strategies that allow them to build their wealth while still protecting their family and assets. Through a holistic process that addresses their entire financial picture, we seek to develop a strategy that balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s goals, such as balancing college planning for their children with their own retirement planning. We can manage their portfolios and watch the markets so they can focus on their passions in life.

We believe that a comprehensive and dynamic strategy can help people protect their assets and family from a number of situations. Our goal is to create a strategy that does just that. While many of our clients are in the Houston, Texas area, we work with clients throughout the country.